About Us

JobJugaad.com  is an exclusive Indian careers website on the internet. It is a forum where employers, placement agencies and job seekers can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. At JobJugaad , you can advertise for a job, search for a job, browse through resumes, place your resume, place your home page, visit employers' home pages and visit other Indian and International career sites. It is a one stop information clearing house about jobs and careers for Indians.

The vision - To create a comprehensive platform, in 15 years time, where every Jobseeker can connect and get job  
 The beginning

In March 2010, as the influence of the Internet penetration reaching each and every Indian  ,launch of  JobJugaad.com will create a floor to seamlessly integrate the jobseekers and employers. A platform for employers and jobseekers, to meet and exchange information.
The site was launched, with databases of jobs, resumes and placement consultants. In October 2010, the service went commercial. By then more than 50 companies had tried the services and were satisfied with the responses received. Since then, the client list for JobJugaad.com, has increased to over 750 companies.

  Over the next few years Job Jugaad  evaluated the idea of providing job information to the public independently but was unable to identify a financially viable technology backbone till the Internet entered India.

The site aims to provide Indians with Indian qualifications the maximum opportunity for their career growth. It has also been promoted in all parts of the globe, where Indian qualifications are acceptable, and clients have been enlisted. Over 10% of our current corporate client list consists of companies located in USA, Africa, Middle East and Far East. Similarly about 5% of the individuals approaching JobJugaad are NRIs wanting to return to India.