Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dwarkadas j. sanghvi college of engineering

Dwarkadas j. sanghvi college of engineering
ville parle

applications are invited for

Assistant Professors,Professor,

1.Chemical Engineering
2.Electronics Engineering
3.Production Engineering
4.Bio-Medical Engineering
5.Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
6.Information Technology
7.Computer Engineering
8.Mechanical Engineering

9.applied phy, maths,chem
10.Mechanical Engineering
In a short span, the college has come to be recognized as a premier institute of technical education. The favourable location of the institute in the heart of Mumbai along with state-of-the-art facilities and distinguished faculty has been a nurturing ground for students of high academic capabilities. 21,804 sq. meters of spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and workshops, new age computer facilities and a well-stocked library provide a stimulating educational environment within the College. The College has attracted qualified and experienced faculty members with more additions in the years to come.
Continuing our commitment of providing students with better infrastructural facilities; the College has been adding new equipments and furniture. A further injection of quality equipment is in the pipeline.
These continued efforts of the Mandal, the faculty and our students has propelled the college into the top echelons of Quality Engineering Colleges with an 'A+' grade certificate from the Directorate of Technical Education, MS.


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