Friday, May 25, 2012

Vacancy in Engineering at Public Works Department, Rajasthan

 Junior Engineer (Civil) Degree.Junior Engineer (Civil) Diploma,Junior Engineer (Electrical) Degree,Junior Engineer (Electrical) Diploma,  Jobs & Vacancy in Engineering at  Public Works Department, Rajasthan , Jaipur May 2012
Job or Vacancy Description:
J.En. Civil/Electrical (Degree/Diploma) Direct Recruitment Competitive Examination PWD-2012
Post : Junior Engineer (Civil) Degree : 454
Post : Junior Engineer (Civil) Diploma : 114
Post : Junior Engineer (Electrical) Degree : 14
Post : Junior Engineer (Electrical) Diploma : 4
General Instructions:
1. The zonal office controls and allocates the budget for various heads. The zonal office monitors all type of works such as mechanical works through mechanical divisions, electrical work through electrical division.
2. The circle office controls and monitors the works executed by the division office as well as other responsibilities of the department. The various information and circulars go through circle office to division offices. The circle office reports to zonal office.
3. Most of the Executive Engineers are responsible for both construction as well as maintenance works within the jurisdiction of divisions. Executive Engineer is the executive head of the works and major activity of the tendering process is done by the Executive Engineer. The works are supervised by him through Assistant Engineers and Junior Engineers. All the information regarding works/execution is available at division.
4. WING: Mechanical wing is headed by the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer controls the store (Machines & Equipment). The two Superintending Engineers (Jaipur & Jodhpur) reports to him. The mechanical division is headed by Executive Engineer . The wing is entrusted to keep inventory of machines and provide them to be used for construction.
5. Electrical wing has two Superintending Engineers (Jaipur & Jodhpur), directly reporting to Chief Engineer-cum-Additional Secretary to Government .The Superintending Engineers controls divisions which is headed Executive Engineer. Electrical wing looks after electrification of building, street lighting, air conditioning, fire fighting & its maintenance.
6. P.W.D organization has an architectural wing which is headed by Chief Architect. The hierarchy ofarchitect wing has a Senior Architect, who is assisted by four Deputy Architects and Eight Assistant Architects the architectural wing is responsible for architectural design and planning of building projects for the department. The Architectural wing also keeps the record of old drawing of the buildings.
7. Horticulture wing is headed by horticulturist, who directly reports to the Chief Engineer-cum- Additional Secretary and responsible for maintenance of Public Parks, gardens in institutional buildings & specific residences. The Horticulturist has seven garden superintendents, who have the responsibility of developing and maintaining the gardens.
Tentative Last Date :22-06-2012
About the organization:
The Public Works Department (PWD) has a glorious history in the development of the state since pre independence. The department is mainly entrusted with construction and maintenance of Roads, Bridges and Government buildings etc.The Public Works Department has a glorious history in the development of the state since pre independence. The department is mainly entrusted with construction and maintenance of Roads, Bridges and Govt. buildings. The department also acts as Technical Advisor to the State Government in these matters.Initially, Irrigation, Public Health engineering were units of PWD. Subsequently these units were given separate entities to handle increased scope of work in the respective field.Since the inception of the Department, it has strived through its continuous quest for excellence and putting milestones in the feat of Engineering.
Address :
Public Works Department, Rajasthan

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